LIGNES/auto#03 available for order from 22 April

Save the date! On April 22nd, the third Opus of LIGNES/auto (a bilingual 130-page quarterly dedicated to automotive news, design and archives) will be available for order on our website

This exceptional issue opens its pages to a DS file on the occasion of the release of the DS4:
-interview with Thierry Métroz, DS design director
-interview with Frédéric Soubirou, DS exterior styling director
-Interviews with Thomas Duhaml, the designer of the ASL and the DS4, and Thomas Bouveret, head of interior design for the DS brand.
You will learn all about the genesis and the making-of of this new French premium sedan.

You will also discover unpublished documents from the genesis of Numéro 9, the last DS concept car to also bear the Citroën logo.

Gilles Vidal, Renault’s new design director, talked to us about his departure from PSA and his arrival at the French rival. An intimate interview that reveals the backstage of this transfer.

Still at Renault, there will also be talk of a great designer, now little known: Robert Broyer who left the then Régie in 1973… to work secretly for Audi!

In this quarterly you will discover the making-of of the new Peugeot 308. And an interview with two women who talk about the birth of a launch colour: Olivine green

Also at Peugeot, on the Archives side, you can read the exclusive story on the genesis of the Peugeot roadster based on the 106!

On the personality side, you may be surprised to discover that Neil Young designed cars and that Béla Barenyi could be the real author of the Cox!

LIGNES/auto#03 of April will also take you to Weissach to visit Porsche and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the BMW 1500, on the design side of course.

Finally, LIGNES/auto returns to an emblematic concept car with unpublished photos: the Alfa Romeo Carabo by Gandini. Just to put a little pressure on Stellantis and the designers who will boost the brand, which has passed under the management of Jean-Pierre Ploué, on the design side…

Enjoy your next reading. Stay tuned to this site to be notified as soon as this third book LINES/auto (28 €) arrives

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