Nearly 8,000 of you have read this post !! Citroën AMI: deliciously ugly

You’ve already read all about the AMI-100% Ëlectric. Citroën should be applauded with both hands, and even, let’s add sea lions fins to make more noise ! MAKE NOISE for this event that will go down in the history of mobility. And find out here why this new AMI is deliciously ugly.

I might as well say it right away: I’m a fan of Citroën’s approach, which takes the risk of breaking codes, for disruptive mobility! And I’d like to add that I’m a fan of the design of the 2019 Ami One concept car with its symmetry, which has been completely redesigned for the production vehicle.

I like this AMI, it’s very personal. Because when I hear the word “AMI”, I remember that in mid-2010, when I was on the other side of the fence for three years, I was hired at PSA after having submitted a file where in the middle of the 80 pages, a reflection on a family of “AMI” models was hanging out.

And more from this family, as I didn’t have a budget problem, I had imagined a small two-seater electric city car: the C-Zup, a name related to the Citroën Zup studied in the 60s and 70s.

Here is the Citroën Zup that inspired me at the time, which proves that I am not vindictive.

I like this new “Ami-100% ëlectric” because it is conceptually faithful to the 2019 Ami One concept car. I made it clear : conceptually.

It is very small on the outside and quite large on the inside : it measures only 2.41 m and offers two seats on board. Of course, it is electric with a very small battery that still allows 70 km of autonomy. It only takes three hours to recharge the chip.

I like this “AMI” because it has kept the symmetry that imposes a strange kinematics of the doors and windows since their hinges are in the same place : the right side opens the opposite of the driver’s side. The driver’s side is going to think he’s in the post-war 2CVs with their so-called “suicide” doors ! It is a wink that has no historical legitimacy, however, because it is imposed by this symmetry which lowers manufacturing costs by limiting the number of parts.

I like this “AMI” because it dares everything : a spoiler on its Pop finish to improve support when you reach the top speed of 45 km/h. Because, yes, this quadricycle can be driven in France by 14 year olds without a license. “How do you want me to seduce with that” I already hear behind my back…

I like this “AMI” because with only one blue-grey body color, it offers customizations that make us believe it is available in multiple colors. I’m particularly attracted by the “My Ami Khaki” version, my love for Japan no doubt…

I like this little AMI because if she had existed before, I wouldn’t have spent evenings waiting anxiously for my children to get back safely (?) on their scooters.

I like it my “AMI” because it plugs into any outlet, just like my vacuum cleaner which has the same automatic cable rewind ! Awesome ! And while writing this, I just realized I’m comparing a “car” and a vacuum cleaner. I whip myself, I whip myself…

I like her my “AMI” because I already see her in my living room with her cable all laughing, and Lucien, 3 years old, looking at her with sparkling eyes. A life-size toy, as beautiful as a Lego-Duplo car…

I like her my “AMI”, because I can go back to my childhood and just play Lego with her. I’m putting together all this orange junk. Or Khaki. Gray. Blue…

I like her my “AMI” because she reminds me why Grandpa had bruises on his elbow. The flipping window is reminiscent of the 2CV. It’s still a lot cheaper to make and it leaves room for a big storage space in the door.

I like it, because at 19.99 € per month (after making a check for 2644 € of contribution…), it’s cheaper than my TV subscription. And telephone… Let’s note that the AMI doesn’t make phone calls.

But she’s kind of ugly, my “AMI,” isn’t it ? The looks, at the same time… It’s the charisma that counts, you’ll tell me ! I want to understand that there are a thousand reasons to explain that the style of my “AMI” is not faithful to that of Ami One: too expensive the optics respecting the Citroën identity, too expensive this panoramic windscreen, too expensive these colored body parts. Too expensive, because the price of the standard Ami is 6000€ in the basic version. And it’s very competitive compared to a Renault Twizy offered at 7540 € in basic price or in rental at 120,39 € per month.

So the mass is said: Citroën’s AMI wants to revolutionize mobility, to make it accessible to all. Moreover, it will be exhibited in some Darty and FNAC. It will be possible to order it only via the Internet and it will even be delivered to your home. Starting this spring… So it is this approach that appeals to us. Because even if my “AMI” does not have an easy physique, sometimes, we can love him. So I’m going to make an appointment with my shrink…

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