Tame the Citroën AMI

Already more than a thousand AMIs ordered (nearly half of which via FNAC and Darty): the micro Citroën is making a rather nice debut and two thirds of the orders are paid cash, without taking advantage of the different ways of appropriating the AMI (rental, subscription, etc…). Surprise, even at Citroën!

The AMI is not a car: it is a quadricycle that 14-year-olds can drive. To be eligible, you must take the AM license, which has replaced the BSR (road safety certificate) and which you can obtain after a seven-hour training course, for less than 200 euros.

If the face price of the AMI is 6000 euros for the basic version (AMI AMI) you have to add 400 € of do-it-yourself pack to have the colored accessories, two nets, hubcaps, stickers, floor mats, etc. to transform your AMI into AMI Orange, Khaki, Blue or Grey.

You can also opt for the two versions AMI Pop or AMI Vibe, each of which adopts a kit assembled this time by “Citroën experts”, with a supplement of 900 and 1360 € respectively. The most expensive AMI costs €7360.

ORDER AN AMI ? IT’S EASY BY INTERNET, HERE https://store.citroen.fr/ami/my-ami-orange

If you don’t choose the cash payment method, you benefit from a multitude of rental offers over 48 months and 10000 kms. The idea of Citroën is to propose several values of contribution which vary from… 0 € à 3941 €. Obviously, the monthly rent decreases accordingly, when the contribution is more and more generous. We have chosen below a contribution of 2000 € for a monthly rent of 64,68 €. Why did you choose this amount? Because this amount corresponds to a monthly subscription for public transport in the Ile de France.

With a maximum deposit of € 3941 the monthly rent is reduced to € 19.99. With 2500 € of contribution, the rent climbs to 53,17 €, with 1000 € of contribution, the rent evolves to 87,70 € and without contribution, the rent is fixed at 108,23 €. There are ten contribution values from 0 to 3941 €.

Small annoyance, the delivery is charged: 221.28 € for home delivery (4.61 €/month) and 110.40 € (2.30 €/month) for delivery to your dealer.

To conclude this presentation before talking about design and concept, let us point out that the AMI is not “made in France” as it is produced in Morocco, but it is “made in PSA” as it is manufactured on a line parallel to that of the Peugeot 208 assembled on the PSA site of Kénitra, located one hour from Casablanca by car.

The AMI receives a few components from the CMP platform of the 208, so it was normal to produce it in a PSA site. It is also a strategy that makes it possible to adopt short circuits and guarantee a certain quality.

LIGNES/auto is not a test site but was tempted by a dynamic discovery of this little AMI. First observation, the space on board is generous and the space freed up in front of the driver is gigantic: it is for example impossible to touch the windshield, even by extending the arm. The designer who had the idea to implant a glass roof in front of the roof is thanked here because this glass square greatly improves visibility. AMI welcomes you in a glass capsule.

The maximum speed (quadricycle obliges) of 45 km/h in Paris where we tested it is largely sufficient and the turning radius is royal. You should not try to take the departmental roads in the regions, for lack of becoming an unbearable and dangerous traffic jam, but for an exclusively urban use, you will have a blast in this machine neither car nor scooter. Alas, you’ll also have a blast in the vertebrae because of a crying lack of comfort. The AMI nevertheless meets its urban mobility objective, without sacrificing the benefits of daily use (trunk in front of the passenger’s feet, windshield wiper, ventilation, connectivity, 3 hours of charge only for 70 km of autonomy), all for a monthly subscription less expensive than that of a smartphone …


Let’s go back to the basics of… LIGNES/auto and go read the post dedicated to the seven original duels (concept and design) between the new little Citroën and some amazing rivals…


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