ENGLISH – Design: VW Golf 8 vs VW ID.3, the same, very different ! OUR ANALYSIS

The same, because Volkswagen is taking both of them into the compact sedan segment and is therefore offering two competing vehicles ! Very different, because they are based on two platforms that have imposed a different interpretation on the designers of the two vehicles.

If one renews an icon (the Golf), the other (the ID.3) opens a new chapter in the brand’s history.

The ID.3 is designed on the brand new MEB platform (below) dedicated to the models of the 100% electric group, the B and C segments, the small and medium sedans or SUVs of the German group.

The Golf 8 is based on the advanced MQB platform (below), which supports the Audi A3, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia, VW Tiguan, Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq.

The new Golf and the ID.3 – presented barely a month ago – have become two competitors since they target the same market, that of the compact sedan. Admittedly, the Golf 8 abandons its 100% electric version, but it is mainly offered with light hybrid engines or plug-in hybrids.

So, with a 4.29 m long Golf 8, five seats and an ID.3 five seats also but more livable for only 4.10 m in length, Volkswagen leads us to question ourselves.

We will simply analyze the design of these two new compact VWs and start with their elevation, or profile…

19 centimetres of difference in length for a generous living space on the smaller of the two, surprising ? No, because the MEB platform is dedicated to the group’s 100% electric vehicles and offers the living space of a Passat in a more compact format than a Golf !
1: The MEB is designed with a short front block and a very advanced awning bay, hence the (almost) “one box” formula for the design of the ID.3. The space between the axle of the front wheels and the windscreen is very short, unlike that of the Golf 8.
2: Without motorization in the front end, the ID.3 thus adopts an extremely reduced overhang, again unlike that of the Golf 8. The proportions of the two cars have nothing in common.
3: Nothing in common ? Yes, the mirrors and door handles !
4: Surprisingly, the designers took up the very famous dynamic rear panel of the Golf on the ID.3…

What does it look like on the identity side?

1: With full face, the only common pint remains the… logo, of course ! But we also notice an almost identical design of the lower air intake.
2: The architecture and design of the front is absolutely not comparable. If the Golf 8 keeps an engine hood plunging down on the (small) grille, the ID.3 adopts a short engine hood and a very large soft-nose !
3: While the hood of the Golf 8 is made of a single piece, the one of the ID.3 uses a black device that amplifies the advance of the windshield and the “one box” appearance of the car.

And 3/4 front ?

The “one-box” effect of ID.3 is more noticeable in this view.
1: The length of the “engine” hood (there is none on the ID.3) is classic on the Golf 8 while it is tiny on the ID.3. The hood is even shorter, as the black part extending the windshield awning nibbles on much of the front of the vehicle.
2: The front part of the ID.3 is more vertical with higher housed optics than on the Golf 8. A “safety” and massive effect that counterbalances the unsafe aspect of a forward cabin on the front axle.
3: We notice the generosity of the soft-nose of ID.3 on this view. A restyling operation will be easier on the ID.3 than on the Golf 8.
4: The difference due to the two platforms appears here with a large window on the front of the ID.3 and a very small window upstream of the door on Golf 8. The more advanced windscreen opening on the electrics imposes this architecture which benefits the habitability.
5: The work on the sides carried out by the designers is totally different. A little sculpted on the Golf 8, totally “flat” on the ID.3….
6: As a result, the designers broke this monolithic side by a more elaborate, black-coloured sill that visually lowers the height of the door panels.

From 3/4 rear, the two VWs choose the same themes

1: As it is necessary to remove CO2 from the ID.3, a huge rear spoiler allows the air nets to be guided as well as possible. The Golf 8 is less generous in this respect.
2: Note the positioning of the new logo in the centre (classic) with the name of the model now placed in the centre of the tailgate. Like Renault?
3: If the Golf 8 has lights on the tailgate, the ID.3 simply integrates them into the body. It is a less expensive solution….
Let’s finish with a very similar rim design here.

BONUS: Read again Giugiaro’s interview about the 45th anniversary of the Golf

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