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All that was missing was him. Him? It is the SUV signed Aston Martin and derived from the DBX concept. Here it is in its serial version. Marek Reichman said that “we have succeeded in obtaining a package with the proportions and mechanical layout that allow us to affirm a sporty style on a versatile five-seater vehicle.

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The Aston Martin design team led by Marek Reichman has been working for nearly four years on the groundbreaking SUV DBX. For Aston, designing an elegant SUV is not something that is common among competitors. It was necessary to integrate the manufacturer’s DNA here, with a balance of masses that places the car on its rear axle.

The long wheelbase helps to better distribute the large volumes, helped by a contained height. Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Design Officer, said the DBX “is an SUV that does not compromise beauty or performance for practical or user-friendly reasons. It has been designed to offer proportions that meet the criteria of beauty that we always apply to the language of form of any Aston Martin. It was created to be elegant, useful and unique, without compromise. The ergonomic design guarantees an interior that is both easy to access and comfortable. We have worked to provide you with a sense of safety and protection, allowing you to enjoy the DBX’s driving experience in great comfort. DBX is truly redefining the SUV segment.” He would have said otherwise that we would have been somewhat surprised, wouldn’t he ?


DBX’s design begins, of course, with the Aston Martin grille, which recalls the brand’s entire history. On either side of this grille, daytime running lights (DRLs) are a striking new feature. They encircle a small aerodynamic air inlet. Above these lights are Bi-LED headlights that complete a new interpretation of Aston’s face.

The sculpted character of the DBX’s sides contrasts with the flat shapes often found on SUVs, which accentuates its dynamic look. This smooth and sophisticated appearance continues with glazing, with frameless doors that can be combined with hidden seals. At the bottom of the doors, the sheet metal belt gives the silhouette a boost.

At the rear of the DBX, the hips feature distinctive tail lights, while the tailgate design is clearly inspired by the Vantage. Two double exhausts complete the package. The DBX is therefore not electric ! The air suspension can be lowered from inside the trunk to facilitate loading, or lower the tow ball to secure a trailer.

DBX offers on board a first industrial application of “Caithness” full grain leather, combined with an 80% blend of natural wool. The material is made of carded Australian lamb’s wool yarns that are then mixed with synthetic fibres to create a luxurious felt-like fabric. It is the first automotive fabric with such a wool content and has achieved the highest level of wear resistance.

Regardless of the specification, each DBX will require more than 200 hours just for the different hand seams and assemblies. There is a wide range of 35 choices of colours and materials as well as two distinct gloss finishes for the interior. However, if the customer so wishes, the’Q by Aston Martin’ department can provide an even more personalized finish. It’s up to you !

In short : 4.0-litre (3,982 cm3) twin-turbo V8 engine Engine power: 550 hp. 9-speed automatic transmission. Lightweight carbon fiber transmission shaft in one piece. Accelerations: 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph) in 4.5 seconds. Maximum speed: 291 km/h. Length: 5.03 m.

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est LOGOActus_BD-1024x367.jpg.

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