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While waiting for its presentation at the end of the summer, discover the interior of the Mercedes S-Class sedan and plunge into a new experience with a cabin where the screen is king.

“With our MBUX, we have developed a very attractive concept for vehicle control. We have transferred the bipolarity of our aesthetic values of sensual purity to our MBUX control concept: the quest for beauty and the extraordinary, for Wow, how does it work? »
Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of the Daimler Group

The new S-Class inaugurates the second generation of this intelligent system presented in 2018. The interior is even more digital and intelligent thanks to significant advances in hardware and software: on up to five large displays (some with OLED technology), the brilliant displays make it easier to operate vehicle functions and comfort-oriented functions. MBUX places the human being at the centre. The possibilities for personalisation and intuitive operation have become considerably more diverse. This applies not only to the rear, but also to the driver: for example, the new 3D driver’s display allows for the first time a 3D display at the touch of a button. The depth effect is achieved without having to wear 3D glasses.

A new authentication procedure guarantees a high level of security. The system combines fingerprint, facial and voice recognition. This allows both personal settings to be displayed and secure digital payments from the vehicle.

MBUX is distinguished above all by its connection to the vehicle’s various sensor systems and data. For example, the exit warning function uses cameras to detect that someone wants to leave the S-Class. If another road user approaches in the blind spot, the active ambient lighting system starts flashing red. The MBUX interior assistant checks whether the child seat on the front passenger seat is secured. The driver’s attention is also checked. If there are signs of microsleep, the driver is warned by ATTENTION ASSIST.

The media screen in vertical format
-Optionally available with OLED technology and tactile feedback
-The driver’s view allows optional 3D display that does not require special glasses.
-Up to three screens in the rear

-The content can be shared very easily and quickly with other passengers’ screens.
-Selecting and editing possible navigation destinations from the rear seats

In addition to the entry of a personal PIN code, new connected biometric authentication options guarantee a high level of security. These include fingerprints, facial recognition and voice recognition.

Tired? No worries:
If the driver says “I’m tired”, an activation program is launched by ENERGIZING Comfort. The same sentence spoken at the rear will activate a wellness programme.

Little birds chirping? Don’t worry:
With the new Chit-Chat and Knowledge domain, the user gets the answer to many questions, even those concerning animal calls or general knowledge.

A spinning machine? Don’t worry:
Home automation systems and household appliances can also be connected to the vehicle and controlled by voice command using the Smart Home function.

When you’re on board, don’t move around unnecessarily, otherwise…
Contact and scan control, voice control and natural hand movements are complemented by eye control.

But, phew! We’re breathing.
However, essential functions such as headlights and wipers can still be controlled directly. The air conditioning panel is always located at the bottom of the display.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (HUD AR): Two optional head-up displays (HUDs) are available, including an innovative variant with a particularly large image. The screen opening angle is 10° horizontally and 5° vertically. The image is virtually at a distance of 10 metres. This display area corresponds to a screen with a diagonal of 77 inches.

The MBUX interior assistant: With the help of cameras integrated in the roof-mounted control unit and intelligent algorithms, the MBUX interior assistant recognises the wishes and intentions of the occupants and anticipates them. It interprets the orientation of the head, hand movements and body language and reacts to them with the corresponding vehicle functions. When the driver looks back over his shoulder towards the rear window, the interior assistant automatically opens the sunblind, for example.

If the driver is looking for something on the passenger seat in the dark, the assistant automatically switches on the interior lighting. A glance in a rear-view mirror is all it takes to adjust it, without having to select it. The system also recognises natural hand movements. The driver and passengers can open the sunroof without touching it. The favourite position (V formed by the index and middle fingers) allows the preferred functions to be activated. Driver and passengers can associate their personal favourites with the system. In addition to increasing comfort, the MBUX interior assistant also improves safety. For example, it checks whether a child seat is attached to the passenger seat.

What else can I say? Nothing, except that we welcome you aboard the 21st century…

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