With its STLA Large platform, Stellantis is thinking big and powerful. Revelations on the future Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Stellantis is presenting its e-Native STLA Large platform, designed for vehicles in the D and E segments, i.e. road-going and top-of-the-range, in crossover, SUV or saloon silhouette. We are now in a position to provide some new information on this platform, and in particular on the Alfa-Romeo (above) and Maserati projects. First and foremost, this platform will also be able to accommodate HYBRID HEAT ENGINES WITH DRIVEABLE REAR WHEELS (below).

Here’s the official press release: “The STLA Large platform offers unrivalled capabilities in the segment, particularly in terms of on-board energy (118 kWh), charging efficiency (4.5 kWh per minute) and acceleration (0-100 km/h in approximately 2 seconds). It features 400 and 800 volt BEV architectures. Vehicles designed on the STLA Large will be produced and sold worldwide. Eight vehicle launches from five brands are planned between 2024 and 2026. Dodge and Jeep will be the first to be launched, followed by Alfa Romeo, Chrysler and Maserati”.

Here are the minimum and maximum dimensions offered by this STLA Large platform: Total length from 4.76 m to 5.13 m. Overall width from 1.90 m to 2.03 m. Wheelbase range above from 2.87 m to 3.07 m. Ground clearance below from 14 cm to 28.8 cm.

Let’s take a closer look at the Alfa Romeo and Maserati models, with a sneak preview of their technical specifications, if not their styling. And it’s a big one!

The Giulia, the brand’s icon, will be available in a completely new 100% electric version. It is expected to go into production in 2025 (estimate) in a four-wheel drive configuration.

This first version would have two electric motors (400 kW in total, or 540 bhp) with a 119 kWh battery. It would be followed in spring 2026 (estimate) by a variant whose power would be increased to 600 kW (815 bhp). This time, the battery pack would be 108 kWh.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Alfa Romeo’s design director, has his work cut out at the moment… Who’s going to complain? We won’t!

Finally, at the end of 2026 (estimate), a rear-wheel drive version with a single engine in its 250 kW (340 bhp) configuration would be offered with a 100 kWh battery. It is interesting to note that Alfa Romeo’s idea is to market this more accessible version AFTER the AWD versions.

These powertrains will be the same for the next-generation Stelvio, which is due to arrive a little earlier. It should also be noted that Alfa Romeo plans to sell almost half of its Giulias with 340 bhp two-wheel drive.

The new generation of Gran Turismo, in its 100% electric version, will go head-to-head with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S. The new Gran Turismo will not adopt the new STLA Large platform, but a major evolution of the Giogio, in a configuration with 3 electric motors: one at the front, two at the rear.

The STLA Large platform is designed for 100% electric power AND internal combustion engines.
Hence the presence of a transmission tunnel and a space to house the gearbox for the group’s future
for the Group’s future 4x4s (particularly in the USA).

It will have a maximum power output of 560 kW (760 bhp). It would weigh 2.26 tonnes and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds. It would have a top speed of 320 kph (the specification calls for “a speed in excess of 300 kph”) and a range of almost 500 km (the STLA Large will have a longer range). With its 800 V architecture, it would be capable of recharging 100 km in just 5 minutes. The Levante crossover will be based on the STLA Large, and is due to be replaced at the end of 2026. It will have three powertrains: 400 kW (540 bhp), 600 kW (815 bhp) and a breathtaking 700 kW (950 bhp) variant that Alfa Romeo will not have.

The future Levante is based on the new STLA Large platform.

”Stellantis will invest more than €50 billion over the next decade in electrification, with the aim of achieving 100% of battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales for passenger cars in Europe and 50% of BEV sales for passenger cars and pick-ups in the US by 2030. The company plans to market 48 BEVs by 2024.”

The new Stellantis STLA Large platform is designed for vehicles in the D and E segments, at the very top of the range. It is intended for models from American brands, among others. It will be available with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive.
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Avec sa plateforme STLA Large, Stellantis voit grand et puissant. Révélations sur les futures Alfa Romeo et Maserati.

Stellantis présente sa plateforme e-Native STLA Large conçue pour les véhicules du segment D et E, c’est-à-dire routière et haut de gamme, en silhouette Crossover, SUV ou berline. Nous sommes en mesure d’apporter des informations exclusives sur cette plate-forme, et notamment sur les projets Alfa-Romeo (ci-dessus) et Maserati. Et avant […]

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