ENGLISH – Marijan Pecar: the motorsport artist

In these times of confinement, LIGNES/auto continues to take you on cross paths. Today, an independent painter who deserves the detour !

Marijan Pecar is a Slovenian artist, born in 1971 in Ljubljana. “As far as I remember” he says on his professional website, “I’ve been drawing since my childhood and my love of mechanics is strong too. I drew my first car very early on… when I was only 14 years old. I finished high school in mechanical engineering, but after two years as an employee in a construction office, I desperately wanted to study industrial design. My love for vehicle design was so strong that I couldn’t wait any longer. So I decided to study at the University of Ljubljana, at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the department of industrial design.”

“Something happened to me there. For two years I also took a course in art painting, and that’s where I painted my first oil painting. It was a portrait of Mr. Schumacher on his Benetton Ford F1 car. Since then, I know very well what I want to do in my life. I no longer design vehicles, but I paint them.”

“Anyway, I graduated with honours as an industrial designer in 1999. My diploma thesis was supersport motorcycles, and I made a 1:1 model with my own hands. After graduation, I started drawing illustrations for children’s books and art magazines, which I still do today. I am also the editor of a Slovenian children’s magazine and from time to time I also work as an illustrator for Slovenian environmental institutes and national parks.”

“Cars and motorcycles are my first loves, so I paint them whenever I have the time. After my first attempts with markers and dry pastels, I decided to create with only two mediums: oil on canvas and watercolour. I love details and each painting reflects my love for motorsport and mechanics. Capturing the right colours, the right composition, structures and reflections on surfaces are the main goals I try to achieve. Without forgetting the spirit and atmosphere of the moment. “

“I brought my art from the details hidden in the background of the paintings, such as figures of spectators, trees, buildings, or simply abstract backgrounds. Above all, I like to paint the history of motor sport, racing cars and motorcycles, and engine details.”

“Today I am working as a freelance artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I choose the subjects according to my own feelings, but I also paint on commission. I create twenty to twenty-five paintings a year, which is not much, but in each painting I try to achieve as much perfection as possible. In my work, you can guess the density and transparency of the colours. And every time you come back to my painting, you discover something new. In short, you can’t embrace the painting with a single glance.”

Find Marijan Pecar on his website: https://www.mpecar.com/index.php and on his Facebook page (just type his name in the search box of your FB page).

To conclude, here is a picture of the LIGNES/auto office where a painting by Marijan Pecar has been decorating the walls for years. A painting that gives you the dimensions of the work executed by the artist to which you can order directly by contacting him on his site.

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est LOGOActus_BD-1024x367.jpg.

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