ENGLISH – Carbogatto H7: the urban motorcycle inspired by Tesla.

An electric urban motorcycle, light, design, all in carbon, with details treated like jewels ? It exists with this Carbogatto H7 project. Discover it here.

The authors of this refined, elegant and high-performance, 100% electric machine explain that “we must be equal to our changing future. There is a challenge in all our developments.

So our friends came up with the idea of creating a completely new means of transport, by doing away with what already exists on the market. “Our product combines state-of-the-art technology, safety and comfort features, all in a unique design.

“We intend to be the industry leader in luxury electric motorcycles for everyday use. In addition to their practical functionality, Carbogatto products offer our customers exceptional possibilities for expression and individuality”.

As is often the case, the idea for the Carbogatto H7 came a bit by chance. The team has always been passionate about cutting-edge technology, especially in the transport sector. They followed the development of the Tesla company, which was very influential in the birth of Carbogatto. At the same time, aware of the rise of the electric power train, right down to the bikes, the idea of this very design luxury motorcycle became a reality.

For a whole year, the team worked on the concept of the Carbogatto H7, improving engineering and design. Tests were carried out until a pilot production was created, the first design office was opened and all the processes necessary for the launch were adjusted.

Last year Carbogatto passed all static and dynamic tests. “Today we can proudly say that we have succeeded in achieving the ideal combination of the most modern technologies and the highest production quality of each component, embodied in this unique and elegant first model of the Carbogatto H7.”

These performances are as follows: acceleration from 0 to 45 km/h in 6.2 sec. The range offers two engines, allowing top speeds from 75 to 105 km/h. The weight is extremely contained since, with the battery, it does not exceed 39 kg, the weight of an electric bicycle! Charging time is 3 hours for 80%, and 5 hours for a full charge.

The Bagatto H7 is to be seen here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/87761751/CARBOGATTO_H7?tracking_source=for_you_feed_featured_category

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