Mercedes S-Class: the Tibetan massage trick!

Introducing the new generation of Mercedes S-Class. Is it the “always more” with it? Yes, always more comfort, security, connectivity, but fortunately, dressed in a rather wise style!

The “S-Class” designation was officially introduced in 1972 with the 116 series. Over the past ten years, the S-Class Sedan has been particularly popular in China, the USA, South Korea and Germany. The new 2021 generation of the S-Class Sedan was therefore designed to satisfy these customers first and foremost.

Surprisingly, its design has calmed down and its fluidity even goes so far as to surprise us. With its very short front overhang and good mass balance (easy on a car over 5 m), the S-Class’ styling is now much more fluid than before.

The front end has no complex lines and volumes, it is sober, simply boasting a huge grille on which the various power-assisted driving radars are located. The wart in the middle of the nose is surprising.

For the rest, and compared to the big Audi A8 below, the Mercedes proves to be simpler in terms of style than its competitors. It has a more restrained front overhang.

“The S-Class is the world’s best-selling luxury sedan. With the newest generation, we want to offer our customers innovation, safety, comfort and quality to an extent that has never been seen before,” emphasises Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz.

The new S-Class can now be ordered in Germany and will arrive at dealerships in December 2020.

We will not talk about technology, but rather about innovations in comfort and safety. Because the S-Class is all about the well-being of its occupants. And for them, in these times when it’s difficult to breathe with a mask (!), the S-Class is equipped with an innovative air filtering system, referred to as ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL.

The S-Class combines artificial intelligence with 135 years of experience in automotive technology. The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) of the new S-Class ushers in a second generation with, among other things, the new driver-facing 3D digital display panel, which enables a 3D display similar to that of a feature film without the need for glasses. A camera follows the movement of your eyes to provide the right depth effect at the right time. It’s a show all by itself. In addition, two optional head-up displays are available. The larger one allows you to display augmented reality content.

Thanks to cameras, also located in the roof, and scalable algorithms, the MBUX interior assistant can interpret head orientation, hand movements and body language to react to the corresponding vehicle functions. For example, if the driver turns his or her head back, the blackout curtain on the rear window will be raised automatically…

In the second half of 2021, the S-Class should be able to drive with a level 3 driving delegation level thanks to the new DRIVE PILOT in the event of heavy traffic or traffic jams, particularly on suitable stretches of German motorways.

In terms of comfort, the S-Class spoils you with five rear seat variants that can be individually configured. The front seats can accommodate up to 19 engines. The new limousine also offers ten massage programmes. These use vibration motors and can enhance the massage effect by adding heat.

Even louder for your massage: the seats can transmit the vibrations of the Burmester® 4D surround sound system. This ensures that the low sounds are clearly audible. The direct reproduction of resonance noises in the seats completes the three-dimensional hearing experience with an extra level – 4D sound, inspired, in Mercedes’ words, “from sound massage to Tibetan bowls. “The perceptible intensity of the sound can be individually adjusted for each seat.

From a technical point of view, it should be noted that the rear steering wheels (above) are optional and should be recommended as the maximum steering angle of 10° brings city manoeuvrability up to the level of a compact car. The turning circle is then reduced by 2 m.

In terms of safety, Mercedes has done its utmost! The new PRE-SAFE® Impulse function (optional) protects you in the event of an imminent risk of side impact. The body can be raised in a matter of tenths of a second by 8 cm (below), allowing the underbody to better dissipate the impact force in the underbody and not just in the doors.

There are also airbags for the rear passengers and another, located on the right-hand side of the driver’s seat backrest, which deploys in the event of a side impact and prevents the heads of the two front occupants from hitting each other.

As always, Mercedes offers its innovations as an option. Even the retractable door handles (above) are optional on some versions, whereas they are standard on a DS3 Crossback!

At its launch, the new S-Class will be offered with inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines in different power levels.

A V8 engine with integrated 48V starter-alternator (ISG) will be available shortly thereafter. In 2021, a rechargeable hybrid model will follow, with a 100% electric range of almost 100 kilometres (see below).

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