What the DS4 owes to DS concept cars

DS is not stingy with concept cars. Firstly because it had to occupy the field without new models for many months, and secondly because the team of designers concocted “manifestos” to define the formal language of this still very young brand.


DS concept cars are therefore not extrapolations of future models. But they nevertheless give strong signals about the style of future DS cars. True or false? That’s what we’re going to see…

Honouring the latest concept unveiled, the DS4 versus the DS ASL

Although the new DS4 is not 5 metres long or even 2 metres wide, it clearly adopts concrete aesthetic themes seen in the DS ASL concept car of March 2020.

It’s in its rear treatment, especially of the rear panels, that the similarities appear:
1– the plunging roof with a huge integrated spoiler caps a very small tailgate window, as on the ASL.
2– the upper part of the body side (C-pillar) has the same shape as the ASL, the same inclination and gives the same dynamism to the rear panel.
3– the tiny tailgate window and its inclination are virtually identical to that of the ASL.
4– the tortoiseshell headlights are obviously found, but not the vertical ones. (in 6 on the photo on the right) Too bad because the aerodynamic edge of the DS4 lent itself to accommodate them.
5– the aerodynamic deflectors of the ASL are reinterpreted on the DS4 by sharp edges integrated into the rear bumper.

The most striking stylistic feature on both the DS4 and DS ASL is the treatment of the quarter panel with the DS logo integrated into a dynamic movement that is virtually identical on both models.

DS4 versus DS E-TENSE

There is of course no connection between the E-TENSE electric coupé and the new DS4. However, it is regrettable that the design of the rear lights has not been endowed with this vertical “S” signature. However, the design team implies that the near future could satisfy our demand! It’s true that there are still two unrevealed future DS out of the 6 announced models (DS3 Crossback, DS7 Crossback, DS9 and DS4)

DS4 versus DS X E-TENSE

Here again, it is difficult to confront an asymmetrical UFO, with a two-seater coupe with a long bonnet, with the DS4. Nevertheless, the work on the sides of the concept car certainly inspired the compact sedan. DS thus avoids criticism: no, the side triangle stamped on the front doors of the DS4 is not inspired by that of the 2008 Peugeot. As for the line that rises high up on the front door, it is there to break the effect of heaviness of the sheet metal part, in order to go in the direction of an increasingly “airy” car …

DS4 versus DS4 Racing

There is a somewhat forgotten concept car from the “Citroën – DS line” era: the DS4R (R: for Racing), a sports car that almost went into production. Forgotten is the Citroën DS4 high on its leg: the DS4R is lowered and receives the 1.6 turbo engine of 256 bhp and is capable of a top speed of 250 km/h. All this with CO2 emissions to make Greta Thunberg faint: 155g per km! Note that the design of the DS4 (Citroën version) created by Vincent Olivier remains very modern.

DS4 versus… DS4

Finally, let’s compare the DS4 to the DS4, old generation. While the name remains the same, the car is totally different. It is now part of the DS brand, it is no longer a Citroën “DS line” and above all, it benefits from a much more modern platform than that of the “Citroën” DS4. This superposition of the two cars below reveals what a platform can change for the design.

The distance between the front axle and the vertical in line with the windscreen (a dimension which structures the platform and cannot be modified) is very significantly increased with the new ELP2 “V3”, the cab is set back on the new DS4 which can thus afford a long engine bonnet, very automotive. But the old DS4 was 4.27 m long, compared to 4.40 m for the new generation.

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