ENGLISH – 100 years – 100 Citroën : the LIGNES/auto video

Linois street in the 15th arrondissement of Paris was not closed to traffic, but on either side of the road, Citroën parked 100 of its most legendary vehicles. From the Type A of 1919 to the 19_19 of 2019, 100 years have come together very close to where the design offices and the factory launched the industrial adventure. Here is almost 10 minutes of video for the enthusiasts who could not make the trip.



This was a special day with, on site, Linda Jackson (Citroën brand boss) but also Arnaud Belloni (marketing), Xavier Peugeot (product management) and Henri-Jacques Citroën, André Citroën’s grandson ! We should also note the presence of Claude Satinet, the brand’s former boss.

Above, Xavier Peugeot, Citroën product manager, whose “flash” interview you will find on this website very soon:
– 2040 without a combustion vehicle, playable or not for Citroën ?
– the future DS sedan arrives before the future Citroën sedan, is that annoying ?
– do the 50th anniversary of the SM in 2020 deserve a concept car ?
– the arrival of Pierre Leclercq: what impact today and… tomorrow ?

Linda Jackson and Claude Satinet. When a Citroën boss meets a (former) Citroën boss, what do they tell each other ? Citroën stories of course !

Arnaud Belloni (marketing) alongside Henri-Jacques Citroën, grandson of André Citroën.

Let us add the visit of Jean-Pierre Ploué, PSA Group Design Director and Pierre Leclercq (Citroën Design Manager) to confirm that the event was exceptional.

Pierre Leclercq.

Jean-Pierre Ploué, with the 19_19 concept.

Parisians (and all of France…) can come and see this museum in the open air until Sunday (June 16).

Pierre Leclercq, who was interviewed for the book “Concept-cars Citroën”, discovers the very first copy from the printer. Available here: https://www.bjbeditions.com/collections/les-beaux-livres

In the meantime, this first copy has tested the comfort of the driver’s seat of the 19_19 concept car !

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