ENGLISH – Peugeot 208 design : when its lines speak for themselves

You only saw her in pictures. So LIGNES/auto details the lines of the 208 to help you better understand its dynamic style.

Before looking at it in detail, we can clearly see above the change in the proportions of the new 208 compared to the previous generation. The new model is based on the 205’s themes with its long hood and rear cabin.

Externally, the petrol, diesel or electric versions have the same five-door bodywork. The three-door models have disappeared with this new generation of 208, due to the restriction of silhouettes! The painted wheel arches (in black) are available on the GT Line and GT versions.

In addition to the return of “classic” sedan proportions, the 208’s style is extremely well worked on its sides as can be guessed above. The dynamic edge line at the door handles engages a concave volume….

…The latter takes a flank crossed by two curved lines that dig it, to meet this desire of Peugeot design to “remove matter” where it is not necessary. Like a slim suit….

A quick nod to the 205 GTI on the rear panel with a specific stamping, while the hatch, with its generous surface, is identical on the thermal and electric models.

The front suggests dynamism with gathered optics, fangs and above all a hood suggesting the power of the engine ! However, it is only a three-cylinder engine (up to 130 hp) and, in electric, a 136 hp block. The curved bonnet is visually enhanced by the two hollows on each side. Note the appearance, as on 508, of the name of the car on the hood and a slightly blue logo on the electric version.

While the choice of the autoclave hood (falling on the wings) and not the “bodybuilder” as on the 508 has been chosen, the “soft-nose” is generous in volume, as on all the brand’s creations. Its great advantage is that it can redraw, for phase 2, the entire front face without modifying the wings or the hood.

The grille is identical in size on the thermal and electric versions, which is surprising for the latter since the electric motor is more compact. However, it should be noted that the battery rack is cooled to ensure better durability and possible recharging on 100 kW terminals, which may explain this.

On the rear panel, a line runs from the lights to fade into the wing volume. This new theme was tested on the e-Legend concept car at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. This view shows again the treatment of the extremely worked flanks and which required a lot of development in terms of stampings, and clearances.

The aesthetic trick of the black headlamp incorporating the rear lights is twofold : it visually widens the width of the 208 while integrating it into the brand’s family of recent models, but it does not include any lights (fog lamps or reversing lights) on the tailgate, requiring no wiring and therefore generating a small saving that is always a pleasure ! Smart….

Finally, the last nod : the 208 has nevertheless inherited an element of style from a car that we have all loved : the Peugeot RCZ in its restyled version. This is the lower air intake, with an almost identical design on both models.


If you have already experienced a puncture on the sidewall of your tyre, then you have not been able to repair with the puncture kit. So you will probably opt for the “spare wheel” option when you make your next purchase. This wheel is available for a little over 100 euros on all 208 models, except the electric version. Here is why, in pictures.

However, the PSa group had explained to us that the services between the thermal CMP platform and the electric CMP were identical : same habitability, same boot capacity. But on the other hand, the technology of electricity and in particular its recharge and all the systems that have been attached to it encroach on the rear part of the platform, as can be seen from the technical drawings above and below.

There is therefore only a small cavity in the electric version, not large enough to accommodate a spare wheel. It’s a little annoyance considering the performance of having designed a multi-energy platform without affecting the habitability or trunk space. But an annoyance anyway…..

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