New Duster: giving back to Dacia what belongs to… Dacia!

The new Duster was unveiled today. In terms of design, there are few surprises, even if the aesthetic theme and the new formal language change completely. But the Bigster concept car from 2021 has given us time to digest this beautiful change. For the Renault group’s marketing and advertising department, I’d suggest pulling out of the shelves: “but what’s left for the big ones?”

Above, the Duster of 2024; below, the Bigster of 2021. The latter has a longer, less sloping roof and a more generous rear overhang. We were thinking of a 7-seater version of the standard Bigster, but the ‘professional’ press is more likely to announce a tall saloon silhouette, a sort of estate crossover… To be continued.

In terms of design, then, here are a few comparative views that show how much more has changed between the concept of almost three years ago and the vehicle of 2024 (on sale in June, after orders opened in February).

Above: left, the Duster of 2024; right, the Bigster concept car of 2021. The volume of the front wing differs significantly (1) and although the vertical door trim is retained, an edge line marks the side, unlike on the Bigster (2). The Dacia signature has disappeared (3), as have the lugs cut into the wheel arches (4). In 5, the panel is more compact on the Duster and the shape of the wing is softer. The roof is shorter and the spoiler more sloping and receding (6). On the other hand, the Duster has retained the rear door handle on the pillar.

On the left, the Duster of 2024, on the right the Bigster concept of 2021.

Let’s take this opportunity to congratulate the team led by David Durand, Dacia’s design director, who has grown considerably over the last two years to design some surprises in the C segment… David had to wait (too) long for his rightful promotion, after the arrival of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos for a brief six-month stint at the time of the Bigster presentation (designed by Durand’s team) and that of Miles Nürnberger, no longer at the head of Dacia design.

Drawing of the Bigster concept car presented at Renaulution in January 2021

David Durand has since put together a solid team, with new recruits including Romain Gauvin from Citroën (pre-projects/concept cars), Hélène Veilleux (head of Dacia-Mobilize colours, materials and finishes) and Raphaël Le Masson in interior design (lead designer). While Citroën continues to insist that Dacia is not a target, the message on the design front is clear!

Find out more about the Dacia Manifesto concept car and the interview with Romain Gauvin, Dacia’s head of early-stage development and concept-car :

Question: has David Durand delved into his brand’s archives? After all, it was almost fifteen years ago that the ‘Y’ – which marks the new light signature, the door medallion trims and the design of the dashboard air vents – was unveiled on a Dacia concept car, the first in the rest of the brand’s contemporary history.

The name? Duster, quite simply (above). When the Duster concept was unveiled in March 2009, its main aim was to surprise, by announcing the name of the future production Duster (2010). Today, the Duster is one of the pillars of Dacia’s range, but when the concept car was unveiled in 2009, there was nothing to suggest that the brand had any credibility in the crossover segment.

This little-known 2009 concept car is nevertheless extremely interesting. Its concept of a low crossover with a dynamic design would be perfect for the electrical constraints of the moment: low height, good interior space and a good Cx (0.30).

It was clever enough to carry a bicycle on board (above), and successful in terms of style. Incidentally, it was the first Dacia to introduce the ‘Y’ light signature (at the rear only)… It seemed a good idea to give back to Dacia what belongs to… Dacia. And so it is.

The ‘Y’ in the light signature of the Duster (2009) and Bigster (2021) concept cars can be found on the new Duster, on the door inserts and the shape of the air vents.
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