ENGLISH – DS Aero Sport Lounge: what if it was a chair, a drink, a building, etc.?

Second revelation from the DS brand this week : the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept car. Discover it in a LIGNES/auto way, that is to say from a different angle !

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The DS Aero Sport Lounge concept car, in addition to its innovative interior which will be unveiled in Geneva, has a style that breaks certain automobile codes, including those of the DS brand…. But if we subjectively see it as something other than a very mobile car, what would it look like ?

What if DS ASL was a material ?

That would be the straw. The dashboard blade and seat backs are made of straw marquetry. It has, according to DS, “once again become a luxury tool. Derived from 17th century techniques, this tradition has taken a prominent place in decorative art, thanks in particular to the Lison de Caunes workshop”. On board the ASL, you will find this material grown in Burgundy, the birthplace of Jean-Pierre Ploué, head of PSA design. Thierry Métroz makes himself very visible! The straw is dried, tinted, split stem by stem and glued on its matt side then flattened on its support with a pillory. Congratulations to Sabine le Masson-Pannetrat, in charge of DS colours and materials, and her teams !

What if the DS ASL was a drink ?

When you call yourself DS Aero Sport Lounge, you make sure you take care of your… aerodynamics. The airflow is channelled as it enters on either side of the grille and the generous volume of the ASL is sculpted by the wind. The sides of the ASL adopt the line of the Coca-Cola bottle designed by Raymond Loewy’s agency. To consume without moderation. But without sugar…

What if the DS ASL was a piece of furniture ?

It would be, for example, this Walla console, an astonishing assembly of glass facets and sometimes mirrors. However, the concept does not forget the functionality with, nevertheless, the possibility of “approaching” this strange object to place a triangular glass of champagne on it…

What if the DS ASL was a building ?

It would undoubtedly be the… C42 Avenue des Champs Elysées. Don’t go there, the building, owned by Citroën since 1928 (under the reign of André Citroën) was definitively closed on 7 December 2017 after 90 years of presence! Nevertheless, with its taut lines, rafters and allure, the DS ASL concept is reminiscent of the ex-C42. But let’s not forget that the DS brand logo is made up of a solid chevron to form the “D” joined to two others, joined vertically, to form the “S”.

What if the DS ASL was a chair ?

It would inevitably be an Acapulco seat with its stretched ropes that are certainly relatively comfortable, but which immediately bring to mind the DS Light Veil concept of luminous tablecloths which, according to the manufacturer itself, “evokes the future signature of DS”.

What if the DS ASL was a… car ?

That would be a Lexus concept car, and it’s more of a compliment, even though the two design teams, Lexus and DS, often sail towards different goals. Yet these trajectories are not parallel and intersect, especially on some of the design fundamentals of both brands. Surprisingly, with the arrival of the DS 9, it’s now Lexus that continues to bring facetted styling to the forefront, while DS seems to be calming down on this point. And on board, DS’s “French luxury” is still way ahead!

What if the DS ASL was a… DS ?

It would no doubt be an extrapolation of the Code-X working concept, unveiled in the spring of 2019 at a design exhibition in the DS Store, which has since closed its doors. This Code-X concept is certainly starting to be dated, but it was venturing down the road of the generously sized SUV. The new DS ASL concept car is more dynamic, but just as imposing with its 5m length.


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