ENGLISH VERSION : Citroën 19_19 : interviews with its “inter” designers

Citroën’s “violent” saucer represents the notion of comfort on the road. It is carried by four oversized wheels and flies over obstacles in complete serenity. But comfort is also and essentially experienced on board. And on board 19_19, the shock is just as strong !

If we are far from automotive codes for the outside world, we are even further away for the inside! Welcome to 2030 with a duo of “inter” designers who have already signed the CXperience: Jérémy Lebonnois (left below) and Raphaël le Masson Pannetrat (right). For the interior design, let’s not forget the person in charge of the advanced style of the interior phase: Jean-Arthur Madelaine-advenier, Hélène Veilleux and Aude Renon for the colors  and finally Nicolas Michel with Dominique Liegey for the style of the HMIs.

Inspiration on board

Jérémy Lebonnois: “Design is inspired by the home. We imagined it as an extension of the house. We have noted, for example, the return of marble to the furniture industry. Aboard 19_19, to echo the comfort, we took up this theme again with a matt, satin resin that respects the mineral spirit of this stone. “

“The design of the consoles is very similar to that of a coffee table that you can imagine in an apartment or house. This material was also used for the steering wheel, which makes a nod to the bakelite rim of the past. It was necessary to make this habitable capsule a capsule for long-distance travel ! »

Raphaël Le Masson-Pannetrat: ” the dashboard was rather conceived as an extension of the external structure. In the centre, a cylinder slides from the lower part of the board, dedicated to infotainment, to the upper part, dedicated to driving. “When you switch from driving mode to autonomous mode, the cylinder crosses the board to magnify and stage the artificial intelligence that takes control, like a periscope.”

“We have totally freed ourselves from the automotive codes that separate the cabin into four parts, with the dashboard, row 1, row 2 and the trunk,” the duettists explain. “On the contrary, we took advantage of the atypical architecture of the capsule and this very bright envelope to offer a different seat for everyone.”

“We are pushing the limits of comfort expression, as with an emblematic piece, the “meridian” chaise longue for the front passenger. At the back, Jérémy Lebonnois evokes the sofa that “extends this immersive effect into the trunk, like the back of a Riva. This bench has no backrest, just elastic bands stretched so as not to alter the brightness from the front to the rear of the vehicle.”

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