ENGLISH – Rather DS3 Crossback or Opel Mokka?

Opel has unveiled its new small Mokka SUV. Like the Corsa, this new shape in the line-up is based on the CMP and e-CMP platform, which the DS3 Crossback inaugurated. Opel is now boldly taking on its cousin, the Mokka, head-on. So, are you DS3 Crossback or Opel Mokka?

The Opel Mokka is the first model to feature the new face of the Opel brand: the Opel Vizor. The Opel Vizor is a front-mounted module that organizes the markers of brand identity fundamentals such as the latest generation of matrix headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

The module carries the Blitz in its center. The Opel Vizor is the work of the team led by Mark Adams, Head of Design. It will be featured on all future models of the brand in the 2020s.

“Strength of character and purity are the hallmarks of Opel’s style for the future. The new Mokka has a dynamic line with flowing, precisely structured surfaces. We have developed this philosophy based on the German design tradition of the great years, and we have combined modernity and strength of character with purity,” says Mark Adams, Vice President Design at Opel.

That’s all well said, Mark, but isn’t your colleague – and friend…- Thierry Métroz, head of DS design, going to find you a bit cumbersome? It’s just that this Mokka is rather full-bodied and potential buyers of the DS3 Crossback won’t fail to add this Opel to their short list?

We haven’t been able to touch the Mokka yet, but here are some quick thoughts on the design of the two warring parties. In 1, the black hood is very interesting, but it seems that future DS’s will also opt for a black hood. The ASL concept car proved it. In 2, the Opel Vizor simplifies the reading of the Mokka’s bow, deliberately more sober than the French one. In 3, lateral visibility for passengers seems better than in the DS. In 4, the DS is a little bit smaller with a nicely sculpted hood and in 5, with its retractable door handles, like on a car with a… Tesla!

If the Opel’s style is overall appealing, at LIGNES/auto we don’t like this cut-out (in 1) that evokes the hoods of old horse-drawn cars! But obviously, in 2, it seems that the tailgate cut-out is more generous than on the DS. Will the Mokka offer better access to the trunk? In 1, on the DS, the treatment of the lights is just superb! And puts the DS3 Crossback on a more statutory level.

On the Opel, we’ve raised the beautifully recessed rear quarter panel, which creates all the volume of the tailgate above the lights. Sober and elegant.

But what we like best about the Mokka is its dashboard, which is both stripped down and very modern. This is what Opel calls the “Pure Panel”.

According to the automaker, “The Pure Panel is based on the design choices of the Opel Vizor. Two large 10″ and 12″ screens welcome the occupants; the center screen is deliberately turned towards the driver and the air vents are pushed to the rear to promote a targeted experience. All disturbing visual stimuli have been eliminated. The design of the centre console has also been impressively streamlined: thanks to the electric parking brake and the new electric gearshift, there are no protruding elements to disturb the purity of its design. All controls and modules are elegantly integrated.”

Thanks to the e-CMP platform, the Opel Mokka will be available as soon as it goes on sale (early 2021) as a 100% electric car and will also be equipped with gasoline and diesel engines. The order intake will be effective from the end of the summer.

So, Mokka or DS3 Crossback?

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